The Skinny-Fat Epidemic

Are You One Of Millions Of People Who Are Skinny-Fat ?

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Are You Skinny-Fat ?

You may be wondering what exactly is skinny-fat and how is it even possible to be skinny and fat at the same time. This skinny-fat term is not something that is entirely new to us, it is something that has been occurring for many years but we may have not paid close attention to it until now. In society we generally label people as skinny, fat, or in between. Skinny-fat is used to describe someone who has a skinny figure when you look at their figure but upon closer inspection they will have high body fat percentage and low levels of muscle mass on their bodies. These types of people generally consume low levels of calories, thus the reason they are skinny, but they do not participate in physical activities such as exercising or playing sports, thus the reason they have high levels of fat and low levels of muscle.

In western society we may look at a person’s physical appearance to determine if they are healthy or not. This does not give you a proper determination whether a person is healthy or not. Doctors suggest that we look beyond the surface and that we look under the skin. There are chances that you may appear to be skinny on the outside, but, deep inside your body you may have high levels of visceral fat storage. Visceral fat storage is very dangerous type of fat storage that most commonly results when an individual’s diet consists of foods that are high in sugar and processed. This type of fat usually coats important organs in our bodies such as the heart which can pose serious health concerns.

It is no secret that many individuals only look to their weight to see if they can be considered healthy and in shape. This is not the proper approach to take because even though you may have a good figure you can still have some health related issues. This may include having high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, or an unhealthy heart. Doctors generally contribute this to a lack of physical activities. They suggest that weight should only be one of the many factors to look at to decide whether an individual is healthy and in shape. Frequently many of us will go step on a scale and use the reading of weight that the scale provides us with to make a judgment on whether we are healthy or not. Instead of only looking at the number that the scale provides us with we should look to live a healthy lifestyle. This may include frequently exercising, making healthy food choices, and kicking the habit of smoking. Making these lifestyle changes can have a dramatic impact on an individual’s health.

Just because an individual appears to be skinny on the outside does not mean that they are in fact healthy. Weight alone cannot be used to judge the level of a person’s health. The saying don’t judge a book by its cover can be used in this instance and be rephrased to don’t judge a person by their weight. We as a society should aim to live a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy foods and a regular exercise routine. It is only when we make healthy lifestyle choices we can reach our true potential and live happy lives that we deserve.

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